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Welcome to the world of YeungLe Packaging, a world of possibilities: colors, texture, fabric and shapes. A world where we take our customers’ concepts and blend it with our creativity and capabilities to craft unique, custom packaging and displays that help you make your product stand out in today’s marketplace. Founded in 2006 and specializing in made-to-order jewellery packaging, watches packaging,Perfumes & Cosmetics Packaging,retail packaging ,food packaging. YeungLe Packaginghas helped thousands of companies improve their custom packaging solutions by lowering total costs while enhancing brand awareness and perceived value with award-winning solutions. Please click on the “PRODUCT CATALOGUE” buttons below to learn about how we can help you to increase your sales and profits.

Jewelry pouches
Jewelry boxes
Jewelry bags

Yeung Le Packaging Co.,LTD (Yeung Le Packaging) is unique in our commitment to our customers to increase their sales and profits. We do that by delivering our value added services along with the business intangibles to ensure our customers stand out and succeed in today’s marketplace.

Yeung Le Packaging is one of the largest custom packaging companies in the China. We creates high quality, custom designed jewelery& watch Packaging,Perfume & Cosmetic Packaging, Wine Packaging, confectionery & Chocolate Packaging,and giftware packaging for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. We combine top quality materials with the best standards and service in the industry ,we also has a passion for Lean Manufacturing, which helps eliminate waste to help meet our customers’ demands.

Yeung Le Packaging was founded with the commitment to offer an ever-improving standard of custom packaging excellence. To accomplish that goal, we have followed three guiding standards.

1.Value in Addition to Price – Offer a great product as well as a great price. Our goal is to consistently offer the highest quality packaging at the lowest prices in the industry.

2.A Selection that is Second to None – Offer an extensive array of sizes, shapes, colors and material options with an equally impressive selection of budgets to go with them.

3. Genuine Respect for the Customer – Simply stated, we will treat you as we would like to be treated ourselves. Our passion for outstanding customer service means we are not satisfied until you are satisfied.

Our BLogs

May 28
gift box
Gift box, empty or with inner wedge which can be adapted to requirements.
May 27
Tube-shaped box for candle
Tube-shaped box for candle
May 26
Luxury box with key lock
Top-quality and careful finish. The inside of the case is covered in suede cloth at different levels and attachment systems using hidden magnets. The sides are edged by a mat gilded frame. T


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